Plants by Family

These are photos of plants that I have identified in my wondering either on foot of on my bike. I take these pictures with my iPhone, soome of them are better than others. Closeups and some brightly colored plants, easpecially flowers that are yellow, just don't take a good picture with a phone. I mostly use these web pages as a study guide. When I see one of these plants that I have identified but can't recall the name, I can easily pull up these pages on my iPhone and review it then and there. This is working out pretty good. After I have recalled a plant's photo for about the thirtieth time, the names begins to stick with me. 

All of the names, both common and latin, follow The Plants of Pennsylvania by Rhoads and Block (2007). These photos are organized by family, which are in taxonomic order. With in each gallery the plants may or may not be in any specific order. If you want to view a list of plant families without thumbnail photos click on the "Plants by Family (List)" link to the right. If there are any plants that you see here that you think I might have misidentified, please feel free to let me know. I'm a professional ornithologis and wildlife biologist and an amature botonist, so I am bound to make a mistake somewhere along the way.